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About me

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BA (HONS) Fine Art Graduate

Rose Court Bendall makes bold, physical works intent on captivating an audience. Initially focused on the medium of sculpture, but as their practice develops, they have become more interested in the crossover between sculpture and installation. Motivated by how an installation requires more direct participation and involvement of the audience, it promotes a higher level of engagement and interaction, this is what she strives to achieve in her work.


Rose tries not to restrict herself to a particular medium or range of materials. her approach to work is by undertaking experiments and exploration, this is supported by an understanding of physics and the making of maquettes. Rose enjoys the process of making and working with new materials. Recently she have used industrial shapes and materials to contradict with the playfulness. 


Rose Court Bendall likes utilising the space around her work and considers how the relationship between the piece and  its environment  impacts the audience’s experience. For example I chose to install my wooden squares so that they were obstructing the entrance to the exhibition. This created tension and drama.


As an artist Rose strives to create work that combines minimalism with surrealism. she enjoys experimenting with themes of repetition, movement, and physical scale. Playing on simple, geometric shapes and using salient and ‘taken-for-granted’ concepts such as gravity and balance, she sets them in an environment where they seem unusual, surprising and at times almost concerning. These elements combined with a precise attention to detail create a sense of bemusement which she hopes invites her audience to feel truly curious and consider how is it made and installed? This leads into her goal of having the audience question their idea of reality and the perceived facts that we take for granted.

Having graduated in Fine Art from Bristol UWE in 2020, Rose now lives and works in Stroud.

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