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W Y S I W Y G ?

W Y S I W Y G ?

A solo exhibition at SVA (Stroud Valley Artspace) in 2021.


What you see is what you get….or is it?!?


I seek to challenge what we believe to be facts, to highlight how we make assumptions that things are true when perhaps they are not?


This work reflects the precarious uncertainty that I have felt over the last 18 months, the world no longer looks or feels as it did.


The sculptures are made to look industrial, angular, heavy and masculine but in reality they are extremely light and delicate. A finger print will dent them, they are in a precarious position, easy to knock down. I like how this challenges gender as well as physical stereotypes, whilst reflecting our existential beliefs.


I hope to provoke curiosity and fun, to encourage my audience to question and investigate, something we should perhaps do more of? Is what we see, what we get?

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